Month: June 2022
Motivational Running

The Best Ultra Running Documentaries to Watch Right Now

Whether you’re an experienced ultra runner or simply a fan of the sport, these are the best ultra running documentaries that we deem a must-watch. Featuring some of the most iconic ultra marathons in the world, as well as the stories of the athletes who attempt them, these films offer an insight into the gruelling, exhilarating and often life-changing world of ultra running.

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Walking Running

Walking on incline vs running to burn fat

When it comes to burning fat, walking on an incline is more effective than running. This is because walking on an incline forces your body to work harder, which leads to more calories being burned.

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Reviews Gear

Craft CTM Ultra 2: technical running shoe

Craft Sportswear is a Swedish company which started out in the 1970s and have been making sports clothing for a number of years. In the past few years, they’ve started producing some interesting running footwear too, initially with limited range and availability in the UK, but in recent months more models have been introduced and […]

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12 Essential Marathon Training Tips for Beginners

Many runners make the mistake of thinking that if they can run a certain distance, they are ready to run a marathon. This is not the case. A marathon is a completely different animal than your average 5k or 10k race. If you are a beginner runner, there are some essential marathon training tips you […]

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