Meet Enrique Martin

It’s about time we profiled Enrique Martin unofficial Rogue Videographer / Photographer.

When did you start running?
I started running properly in 2018 , training for the Brighton 10k (April).

Why do you run?
Originally it was just to train for my first marathon but it’s now become a habit and I enjoy just getting out and running but mainly I love running with the Rogue community.

What is your next race and what do you want from it?
The Brighton Half Marathon (my 4th Brighton half) is my next race and looking to enjoy it , rather than aiming for a fast time.

What are your hopes and expectations for the event?
I just want to complete it as I’m coming back from injury and this was my last race before I had to stop. So it’ll be be nice to have my comeback at the same event.

What is your favourite training ‘session’?
Pyramids. It’s a great session and it’s pretty chaotic with people overtaking you without the feeling of any pressure to be last.

What is your favourite pre-race and post-race meals?
Depends on what the race is but weetabix with a banana and a coffee hasn’t done me too bad in pretty much all pre race breakfasts. Post race I’ll eat anything I can see … with chips.

How important is it for you to be a member of Rogues?
For me it’s very important to have the feeling of belonging to something more than just a running club but more a family . It’s a great inclusive community , full of great people.

What other sports do you like?
Football (I’m a big Brighton & Hove Albion supporter) and cricket are the main sports I like but I also like tennis , volleyball , table tennis and 10 pin bowling to name but a few.

What’s your best racing achievement?
Completing the Warsaw Marathon 2019 in 03:50:25 . My first oversea marathon.
Everything just clicked on the day and I actually enjoyed it. Felt great !

What, or who, are you a “secret” fan of?
I’m a fan of a few people but can’t say as it’s a secret.

What’s the strangest or useless talent you have?
I have a remarkably high alcohol tolerance level.

Name one thing on your “bucket” list?
Completing a marathon.

Do you have a lucky number?

At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?
Any Tech store or Ted Baker.

Do you have any strange phobias?
I’m not keen on heights but if I had to have a phobia it would be Ataxophobia.

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