Did Not Finish

Is running a marathon with your partner a wise idea?
What about taking part in a triathlon together?
George is about to find out as he and his wife Rachel put their marriage to the test. Now settled into life in Devon with their three children, they try to encourage a more active family lifestyle with camping holidays, family bike rides, hill-walking and canoe trips. But things rarely go smoothly.

Meanwhile, George continues to set himself ridiculous challenges. Having been a complete novice swimmer only a year earlier, he decides to confront his incompetence head-on.
By signing up for a 10km swim.
How hard can it be?

Anyone reading George’s books hoping for useful training tips for their own adventures and challenges might be disappointed. His training methods and pre-race preparations are unconventional and perhaps not recommended, but there might be some nuggets of unintentional wisdom amongst the chaos.

Did Not Finish is a series of books about George and his family’s adventures in running, cycling and swimming. From ultramarathons to triathlons, 10k swims to European cycling adventures, George promises fun and laughter every step, pedal, and paddle of the way.

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