Wahoo ELEMNT Rival Review

As someone who loves running and multisport activities, I was thrilled when Wahoo released the new ELEMNT Rival Running/Multisport GPS Smartwatch. This watch is designed to track all your runs and other fitness activities with pinpoint accuracy. It has a built-in heart rate monitor that allows you to measure your performance in real-time, as well as an integrated barometer for altitude tracking. Plus it’s stylish enough to wear on any occasion! After doing some research into this product I decided to write up my findings so that others can benefit from them too.

Wahoo ELEMNT Rival review

About the product

Premium GPS Multisport Smartwatch

The Wahoo ELEMNT Rival packs all the features you need to stay connected and one step ahead in your outdoor training. It’s got superior GPS smarts, including a built-in altimeter, barometer and compass plus heart rate monitor compatibility for precision tracking. Moreover it offers multisport capabilities so whatever your activity might be – running, biking or hiking this watch is equipped with the right technology for each of them!

2 Weeks of Battery Life in Smartwatch Mode

Now that’s what you call convenience. Who wants to be prompted with the ‘low on battery’ discomfort every moment when taking a leisurely outdoor walk? Wahoo ELEMNT Rival does away with all this by giving you up to 2 weeks of untroubled power in its Smartwatch mode so no more worrying about charging your device obsessively before heading out for a jog or bike ride. This way, even if theres an unanticipated exchange of activity, it won’t take anything extra from your precious routine.

Touchless Transitions for Automatic Transition to Triathlons and Race Running

For those of you who like to move quickly in the race and transition from running to swimming or biking, Wahoo ELEMNT Rival has got it sorted. This GPS smartwatch can switch activities automatically as soon as you reach a transition zone without having to press any buttons or lift your arms! With this feature, transitions will be easier than ever – no more fumbling around with screens during your races, just keep on going!

24/7 Heart Rate, Steps, Calories and Sleep/HRV Data Coming Soon Via Firmware Update

Wahoo ELEMNT Rival Smartwatch is not just a pretty face, its got brains to match its looks. Very soon this cleverDevice will include 24/7 heart rate monitoring, steps tracking and calorie counting with sleep/HRV data capability as per an upcoming firmware update. Now that makes it the perfect running companion for anyone serious about fitness!

Structured Workout Support with Multiple Preconfigured Workouts

This feature helps you make killer workout routines that are tailored-made for specifically your routine and running type. With the help of this advanced feature, users can easily create multiple preconfigured workouts which let them hit the ground running in no time! Whether its running or cycling, there’s something to keep you motivated at all times with these structured workout support packs.

Wahoo Elemnt Rival
Wahoo Elemnt Rival

Race Day Features such as Touchless Transitions

No more fumbling for the buttons on your watch when you’re rushing to transition from swim to bike or from bike to run. The Wahoo ELEMNT Rival Running/Multisport GPS Smartwatch has got you covered with its awesome touchless transitions feature just wave it over a compatible sensor and in no time, you’ll be ready for the next stage! This ultra-convenient feature will make race day that much smoother and efficient so you can focus all your energy on giving yourself a speedy finish.

Review and Score

Our Score: 85/100

I recently purchased the Wahoo ELEMNT Rival Running/Multisport GPS Smartwatch as I was impressed by its bright and clear screen, intuitive interface design and handy barometer to have total control over my workouts. It’s also got highly sensitive satellites for quick location tracking at all times. With a durable battery that lasts up to 20 hours of training, it provides more than enough juice to access your data during those long runs and with connections through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and ANT+, you’re sure to get maximum performance out of this device! The customisable pages provide an overview of your stats while working out while navigating through them is easily done thanks to 4 buttons located on the handheld module. After putting this device through some tough tests in practice sessions – ranging from sprints right down till marathon races–it has definitely lived up to expectations thus far so I’m awarding it an 85 score out of 100 making it worth every penny spent! Furthermore, reviews online have been positive across many platforms such as Amazon where customers had nothing but great things about this product saying “Perfect running watch!”, Its just what i needed or even “very advanced tech”. So if you’re looking for something reliable yet effective then look no further than the Wahoo ELEMENT Rivals Multisport Gps unit.


All in all, the Wahoo ELEMNT Rival Running/Multisport GPS Smartwatch is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and feature-packed running GPS unit. It’s capable of handling most basic and advanced needs of athletes, is incredibly user friendly, and comes with great battery life too. And given its affordable price point, it’ll be hard to find another option that checks off more boxes than this one.

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