Molyeman Marathon 2019

Molyeman Marathon 2019
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How do you sum up your race experience?
A challenging 26.2 miler, boasting 3,212 ft of mainly off-road elevation. This is a tough, stunningly beautiful run taking in five peaks over the hills around Lewes. Well supported and organised, its no wonder that this year it sold out in record time. The pint glass, pint of beer, bespoke pizza and optional sports massage are better than any medal or t-shirt. Truly a race organised by runners for runners

What was the toughest moment during the race?
The whole route is a multi-terrain hilly challenge! But hiking up Mt Caburn in a head wind was an experience. As was the steep road decline towards the finish, this was really tough on the legs.

If you could change one thing from the race what would it be?
Install a stanner stair lift! Cut out all the road bits because I don’t like them! Seriously I wouldn’t change a thing.

What would be your best piece of advice for some one running The Molyeman Marathon for the first time?
It’s not flat! Include some hills in your training runs!  The water stations are just that, water stations, apart from the odd jelly baby on route you are responsible for your own fuelling. So, practice with that and make sure you have what you need.

This is such a beautiful run, enjoy it.

Aside from the final stretch and crossing the line, what was your favourite part of the race?
I really enjoyed all of it. Just looking at the view and catching your breath and realising how fortunate it is that you can do this.

Will you do the race again and do you recommend it to others?
Definitely, it’s a must do, this is the second time for me and I will definitely run it next year. A beautiful well organised race, organised by runners for runners, in memory of runner Chris Moyle , not for profit and raises money for local charities. what’s not to like

Funniest/oddest thing you saw/heard while running?
At Mile 7 the marshal shouted really loudly that I was 17th woman overall and that there were 4 women directly in front of me that I could take out! Hung onto that glory for at least a minute!

Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstions?
Only that I make sure all is ready the night before and I get up really early so that I can ease into the race day.  Get to the start early and have enough time to go to the loo about 150 times! I also drink lots of coffee these two factors may be related

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