15 Hours With Amelia Boone

Recently, I had the opportunity to watch the new documentary “15 Hours with Amelia Boone”. The short film chronicles the journey of the world’s top female Obstacle Course Racers in its history. Amelia Boone she has won both the Spartan Race World Championship (2013) and World’s Toughest Mudder (three times 2012, 2014 and 2015). In 2014, eight weeks after major knee surgery she won the WTM title.

The film follows Amelia’s journey as she prepares for and ultimately runs the Sean O’Brien 100k, a 100-kilometer ultramarathon in the Santa Monica Mountains. Although the documentary is less than 10 minutes long, it still packs a punch. From filmmaker Billy Yang the film follows Amelia Boone, one of the best ultrarunners and obstacle course athletes in the world, through her devastating fall from and return to competition after she suffered a stress fracture in her femur in 2016. The documentary gives an inside look into her journey from the starting line to the finish and shows some of the true struggles of competing in ultra-running.

As someone who has followed Amelia’s career closely, I was excited to see this film. I was not disappointed. “15 Hours” is an intimate and inspiring portrait of one of the world’s great obstacle racers.

“15 Hours” is a must-see for any runner, or any fan of running documentaries. It is an intimate and inspiring portrait of one of the world’s great ultramarathoners.

This film is truly inspirational. It is a must-see for any runner, any obstacle course racer, or anyone who is looking for some motivation. Amelia Boone is an amazing athlete and an even more amazing person. This film will leave you inspired and motivated to go after your own goals.

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